Completed the Pre-Onboarding checklist found HERE

Once you have completed the checklist above, you will now configure your Parakeet Platform prior to connect it to Xero.

To configure your Parakeet platform, please follow this simple video explainer.

We recommend you view the full video below (~5:30 minutes) and follow each steps. 

However, if you like to review a particular section, you can review to the timestamps and links below.


[00:00] Introduction 

[00:25] Integrate with Xero 

[00:59] Accounts Receivable - Deposit Account [

01:16] Merchant Accounts 

[01:32] Accounts Payable - Payment Methods 

[02:17] Returns - Configuration as a Vendor Offering a Return 

[02:42] Returns - Configuration as a Customer Receiving a Return 

[03:07] Bills Page 

[03:33] Approving a Return 

[04:18] Custom Return Configurations 

[04:32] One-Time Payments 

[04:52] Invoices Page — Incremental and Static Options [

05:25] Closing

Video link HERE.