Can your app make BPAY payments out of Xero?


Does your app create BPAY batches or is it something else?

We do not create batches for export. 

Instead of batching, we automate the complete schedule, payment and reconciliation process to save you time and errors.  So the need for batching and uploading batches into your banking platform is no longer necessary :)  

Can you pay the same BPAY biller BUT with different reference numbers each time?  Can you automate this?

Yes we can. 

We use our inbuilt OCR (optical character recognition) that will take the reference number off the bill and apply it to that payment. 

This relies on a clear PDF being attached to the bill in Xero and some upfront configuration (which we will manage for you as an added service). 

We do need to set this up for you, so please contact us if you like to use this service.  

Where do I provide the BPAY details?

You update BPAY details into the 'batch payments' section in your Xero contacts.  

Have a look at the video (Part 2 of 2) HERE.  

What do I need to prepare?

As long as your Chart of Accounts, Contacts (in Xero) & Awaiting payments queue (in Xero) are updated with accurate information, then that is all you need to do.  Refer to the video HERE.

Can I pay my BPAY bills via Credit Cards and/or Bank Accounts?


You load your Bank Accounts and Credit Cards into your Parakeet Wallet and rank your payment methods in order or preference. 

We will pay your BPAY bills using your prioritised payment method.

Can you use any Bank Accounts or Credit Cards to pay my bills?

Yes, as long as your bank account or card is held / issued by an Australian Bank.

When do you pay my BPAY billers?

We use the 'Due Date' you set in Xero. We do recommend you take into account the Clearing time required based on different payment methods.